DJ Greg Ellsworth's Biography

Greg formally began his music career in the Glee Club at Annapolis. His naval career
was short lived as “creativity” was incompatible with military service. Like Bette Midler,
Greg played “one for the boys” and began “spinning” music at MAC’s (Men’s Action
Center) of Silverlake – part bathhouse, part dance hall- in the late 70’s.

Greg developed skills that transcended the “flawless mix.” His uncanny ability to sense
the mood of the crowd and reach that mood with live mixed music is only matched by
his ability to create a mood with music as well. Live mixing is a dying art as many of
today’s popular dance club DJ’s “play” premixed music on CDs. Greg creates a
dynamic event by “live mixing” vinyl-to-vinyl, CD-to-CD, vinyl-to-CD, and CD-to-vinyl.

Greg became the resident DJ at Hollywood’s popular “Probe” dance club in 1981
where he developed a following through today. He worked with popular performers to
include Thelma Houston, Sharon Redd, Silvester, The Patrick Cowley Singers, Pamela
Stanley, Debbie Jacobs, and many of the Disco artists at that time. He remained a
popular Probe headliner through 1984, and continued to entertain the crowds there
through the 90’s.

While headlining at Probe, Greg was the opening DJ for a new club in West Hollywood
called “Rage.” In LA he has performed “live” for large crowds at the Palace and Studio
One (now called The Factory). Greg also has performed at many popular LA clubs and
was a regular DJ at Spike in the 90‘s where he continued his following.

In the early 80’s, his popularity landed him live mixing gigs in Europe – from Frankfort
to Milan. Transcending continents in 1988, he headlined for two months at the popular
Mirrors dance club in Tokyo.

On more than one gay pride weekend, Greg brought together the DJ line up for the
dance tent for the CSW entertainment Staff in West Hollywood. Today, he continues to
offer his craft at various events and parties in Los Angeles and across the U.S. One of
his favorite events was The 1995 Labor Day LA Zoo Party where Greg was a huge
crowd pleaser.

While intimately familiar with the popular dance sounds of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s,
Greg’s music goes well beyond three decades. Drawing from DJ pools in Europe,
Greg’s current mixes are months ahead of the sounds that are popular in clubs today.
He has the unique ability to pick the “winners” well before other DJs have made dated
discoveries. Beyond that, Greg finds songs with unique messages and beats outside
the talent of the “pop’ DJs. His timeless talent and youthful outlook continue to mark
him as one of LA’s cutting-edge DJs. His vinyl and CD dance music collection rivals
that of any music store in Los Angeles.

Greg enjoys trance and progressive dance sounds, but is equally comfortable with
current remixes of music he made popular during their original release period. He
currently resides in West Hollywood where he continues to entertain Los Angelinos at
dance clubs, events, private parties and on custom CDs. He welcomes you to his
website to find the latest scoop on dance music.

His most recent gig was resident DJ at Steamworks, Chicago, from June 2009 to March 2010.

Phil Adams  owner,
Club Alta Loma
East Beverly Hills, CA





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